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  • The player progresses through skill-building challenges in music theory.
  • Learn to recognize and understand the rhythm of music with the help of fun games.
  • Learn to recognize instruments by sound and name while going through a variety of challenges.
Mussila Play
Mussila Learn


  • Learn to play the piano.
  • The Mussila songbook includes music works from all over the world, classical music, folk songs, and well-known melodies such as the Happy Birthday song.
  • Practice the song together with the Mussila band.
  • By finishing a song, the student can enter the Jam session and become a conductor by swapping instruments and making their own song arrangement.
Create with Mussila



  • Encourages the player to create his or her own musical soundscape and remix existing songs.
  • Comes with a set of songs, loops, and beats.
  • The kids can record and create their own sounds and layer them for a live musical performance like a real DJ.
Mussila Music Monster
Mussila Rock

  • An adventurous tilt and tap game that takes the player on a journey between exotic planets, all the way from space down into the deep and mysterious sea.
  • Play a song by maneuvering between notes using your own movement and create your own musical experience each time.
  • Includes many original songs and also a new arrangement of Beethoven´s Für Elise.

Your child will gain a solid musical foundation that lasts a lifetime

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