Mussila Team

Our Story

Mussila is an innovative EdTech company established in Iceland in 2015. The company was founded by a team of experts in computer science and music. The goal is to create digital solutions to improve the learning process and the overall quality of education available to young people worldwide to better equip them for the future.

Mussila is the winner of the Nordic EdTech Award 2019, the Parents´Choice Award, and a global finalist at the Creative Business Cup. Today Mussila is used by children worldwide, and our mission is to enable everyone to learn music.

Today Mussila is an international team with experts from the arts, music, IT, and digital marketing. Mussila was recently granted the EAF EdTech Evaluation from the Education Alliance of Finland. The app did very well in the impact evaluation and earned The Pedagogical Quality Certificate.

The success story of 2021
After deciding to collaborate with Daði Freyr for Eurovision, Mussila developed the app in just six weeks. The development team stopped doing what they had been doing for the previous five years and did something completely new while incorporating elements of the work in future versions of Mussila. Daði Karaoke includes fun karaoke version of all the songs by Daði and Gagnamagnið. The app was a huge success, reaching the top chart on Google Play and the Apple App store.

The future of Mussila:
“Earlier this year, we also acquired a reading comprehension app called Orðagull. We’ll translate the existing teaching materials into English and take this into global markets later this year. We’re stepping further into EdTech as we have the technical infrastructure in place, access to families and schools, and can now start developing solutions for other subjects as well.” Jon Gunnar in an interview with Nordic EdTech News

Our Team

Meet the Team behind Mussila.

Jon Mussila

Jón Gunnar Þordarson

Chief Executive Officer

Jón Gunnar Thordarson has an Executive MBA degree from the University of Reykjavik and BA in directing from Drama Centre London, with broad experience in marketing, theatre, and project management. He has directed over 40 productions in Iceland, UK, and Scandinavia. Including the opera Der Freizutch, Macbeth at the Arcola Theatre in London. By directing and producing from small fringe theatre to large scale productions Jón has gained experience in team-building and know-how to make something from scratch.

Hilmar Mussila

Hilmar Birgisson

Chief Operating Officer

Hilmar Thor is the COO and Co founder of Mussila. He has a MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Iceland. Hilmar was a teacher in mechatronics engineering at Keilir University (Iceland). He is the founder and owner of Tongreinir Game Studio, he developed several games and apps that focused primarily on music software and education. At Mussila, he is in charge of technical tasks, game design, and programming.

Ægir Mussila

Ægir Örn Ingvason

Game Designer and Developer

Ægir is a Game designer/developer with a long interest in video games and how to build challenging new material for this growing market that also gives a valuable, lasting experience, especially through new mediums of interaction with content such as Mobile gaming, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Snorri Mussila Team

Snorri Siemsen

Chief Technical Officer

Snorri has a BSc in Computer Science and broad experience in software development. He is a full-stack programmer with nine years of experience in backend programming. At Mussila, Snorri is the Technical Director.

Arngerður Mussila

Arngerður María Árnadóttir

Music Director

Arngerður is the music director of Mussila. She finished her BA in Music from the University of Aalborg in year 2000 and a degree as an organist and church musician in 2007. In 2021 she graduated from The Iceland Univ. of the arts with a Master ́s degree in Composition. She has been active as a composer since 2017 and has mainly been writing for choirs, string quartet and chamber ensembles. Her main profession for the last years has been an organist but from 2019 she has been focusing more on composition together with exciting and creative projects such as leading the music department at Mussila.

Guðmundur Mussila Team

Guðmundur Orri Pálsson


Guðmundur has been with Mussila since 2018. In 2019, he graduated with a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from the University of Iceland and this year he is set to graduate with a M.Sc. in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from the Technology University of Eindhoven.
Among working at Mussila, Guðmundur also worked as a robotics developer in Switzerland as well as an independent web/app developer in Iceland.
Aside from his work, Guðmundur’s main interests include music, video games and sports.

Naiara Alberdi Mussila

Naiara Alberdi

Marketing Campaign Manager

Naiara Alberdi was previously head of content at Trivia Royale and a marketing manager at Teatime Games. She has broad experience in the app industry; she was the regional manager of Glu Mobile and Plain Vanilla in Spain and France for Quiz Up. As of May 2014, QuizUp had 20 million users and had raised over $26 million from venture capital investments. She has a BA degree in Media Science and another one in Advertising and PR from the University of the Basque Country in Spain.

Sandra Mussila Team

Sandra Rós Björnsdóttir

Multimedia Designer

Working under the artist name Krumla, Sandra has been working as an all around digital artist for a while. You name it, she's probably given it a go. Highlights include illustrating biology books (Náttúrulega) for Menntamálastofnun, creating icons for the game Out of the Loop, publishing the comic Djákninn á Myrká via Kickstarter, designing a few posters for Svarta Sunnudaga in Bíó Paradís, and creating the comic series Ofvitar / Brainiacs via Nörd Norðursins. And made a drawing that lives in Lana Wachowski's home. She also once drew a mural at a hostel in Dublin to pay for her stay.

Johann Mussila

Jóhann Sveinn Ingason


Jóhann Sveinn Ingason has a B.S in Computer Science from the University of Reykjavík and is a full-stack programmer with a passion for software development and all things tech. He also received a B.A in Japanese Language and Culture from the University of Iceland. Doing an exchange year in Osaka, Japan to fuel his love of languages and travel. His other main interests include gaming, cooking, music and most recently making custom mechanical keyboards.

Hervé Debono

Sales & Customer Service Representative for Schools

Hervé has a BA in History from Aix-Marseille University in France, and studied at the Teacher Training Institute of Aix-en-Provence for a year, before choosing to focus exclusively on making music for a few years. He also worked as a booking agent and a tour manager for rock bands in France, and used to manage the operations of a chain of stores in Reykjavík, where he gained a lot of experience in management, sales and customer service.

Steffi Meisl Mussila Team

Steffi Meisl

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Steffi has a BA in Media Management from Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, where she gained a broad knowledge of the music industry. She has experience in customer relations, WordPress, content management, and all things social media marketing. In her previous work at the Wonder of Iceland museum, she improved customer journeys through the booking process and managed social media campaigns. Steffi is also the host of two podcasts and occasionally picks up litter to save the planet.