Our Story

Mussila is the winner of the Nordic EdTech Award 2019, the Parents´Choice Award, and a global finalist at the Creative Business Cup. Today Mussila is used by children all over the world, and our mission is to enable everyone to learn music.

Mussila was founded by Margrét Juliana Sigurdardottir, a DipRAM postgraduate from the Royal Academy of Music in London, and computer engineer Hilmar Thor Birgisson, an avid game player and developer. After receiving grants from The Icelandic Technology Fund and the Nordic Game Institute, they set up their talented team in 2015 to revolutionize music education using a gaming and joyful approach. Mussila believes in music-making being part of our everyday lives, and that music education should be available for everyone. Since then, Mussila has worked to design, develop, and validate an educational app that meets all the requisites for teaching and learning the basics of music in an entertaining and fun way. In 2020 Jon Gunnar Thordarson took over as the CEO of the company. Arngerður María Árndóttir took over as the Musical Director of Mussila, Hilmar Þór Birgisson the COO, Ægir Örn Ingvason the Artistic Director and Snorri Siemsen the Technical Director.

Today Mussila is an international team with experts from the arts, music, IT, and digital marketing. Mussila was recently granted the EAF EdTech Evaluation from the Education Alliance of Finland. The app did very well in the impact evaluation and earned The Pedagogical Quality Certificate. With this Certificate and the price of the Nordic EdTech Award, the Mussila team is optimistic that 2020 is going to be a fantastic year!