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Empowering teachers in challenging times

  • 4 music learning paths: Learn, Play, Practice, and Create.
  • 30+ courses, 1500+ music challenges.
  • Teach music theory through games.
  • Built-in keyboard for piano practice.
  • Available in 32 languages.
  • Works on every supported iOS and Android smartphone and tablet.

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Make classes more fun! Increase
classroom and home practice time!

Music theory can be fun

  • Teach to identify instruments, notes, tempos, and how to read sheet music through skill-building challenges.
  • Help students develop a sense of rhythm and timing with recognizable songs.

Anyone can practice piano

  • Teach students to play the piano with a built-in keyboard (no instrument needed).
  • Play along to familiar songs like Happy Birthday, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and more!.

Smarter practice with tone recognition

  • The app recognizes the notes kids play and guides them through their practice sessions, making sure they hit the right key.
  • Works with acoustic and electric pianos, as well as MIDI keyboards without any cables.
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“Mussila introduces children to and teaches them about creation of music. It is fully features, educational and superbly made!”

Educational App Store Best app for kids

“Magically kids intuitively pick up on the basic principles assoicated with music and have a blast doing so!”

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