How can I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, this is managed by Apple and we can’t modify them, so you will need to cancel it yourself. Below are Apple’s instructions on how to manage and disable your subscriptions.

– Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
– Tap on iTunes & App Store.
– Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
– Choose View Apple ID from the popup menu.
– Enter your password when prompted and tap on OK.
– Tap on Manage under Subscriptions.
– Tap on the name of the subscription you’d like to cancel or modify.
– Turn the Auto-Renewal option to Off.

What age is Mussila intended for?

We designed Mussila for 5-11 year old children but it turns out that people of all ages are enjoying the game!  The youngest ones (up to five year old) will need their parents help but after that they do fine on their own. We however encourage parents to play with their children and enjoy together with them the musical journey in Mussila.

The keyboard is too small. Can I make it bigger?

The keyboard was originally designed for very small fingers but since our players have grown since then we are working on designing a bigger keyboard for our game that will soon be available.   Join our postlist and we will let you know immediately!

Why can’t I choose the kind of game to play?

Mussila follows an educational curriculum where the music is explored from different angles and each part of these challenges gradually build a foundation for the next level.  We hope that you will endure the levels you like less – your favourite is probably just around the corner. We will add more varieties into the games to make them even more engaging and fun.  – Stay tuned for these or join our postlist so that we can let you know immediately!

Can I get more instruments to play with in the jam sessions?

In order to have our instruments as great sounding as we can possibly we had to limit the basic package to these fourteen instruments or otherwise it would be too heavy for a first download.  We will however soon offer more instruments in a premium feature subscription package that can be added later. Join our postlist and we will let you know as soon as the premium feature package is ready.

Why aren’t there any instructions?

The answer to this one is simple: We want our players to figure things out for themselves! Learning the written language of music can be challenging for the beginners and by activating the their own logical thinking they will gain a much deeper understanding of the music theory and gradually also a solid foundation for further music studies.

Can I add more user accounts?

At this time we can only offer one user account for each device. We will however soon offer a premium feature package where there will be more than one user accounts (we are still looking into how many we can have for each device).   Join our postlist so that we can let you know – it will be soon, we promise!

I am a teacher – Where can I find the educational parameters for this game?

We are working on a school edition of the game where all these parameters will be accessible.  That version will have many other features that will suit well for the classroom. Please join our postlist so that we can let you know when they are ready!   Also check out our site on Education that has more information of our educational aims and policies.

I am a parent – How can I know what my child is learning in Mussila?

One of the features that we are also working on is a parental port where you can see your child’s progress in the game. This will include the parameters for each level, a description of the educational aims and how we are approaching them. The best experience however comes by playing the game yourself! The game suits beginners of all ages and there is nothing better than cuddling up in the sofa with our children and learn something new together!