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Mussila Music School!

The music app for this holiday season!

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Creative Business Cup 2018

Global Finalist

Comenius Edu Media Seal 2018

Outstanding Digital Solution

Pädagogischen Medienpreis 2018

Best app for kids

Nordic EdTEch Awards 2019


Award winning app

Mussila Award
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Parents’ Choice Awards 2019

Best App for children

Academics’ Choice Award 2020


Best educational app

Global finalist-Bett Awards 2020

Mom’s Choice Award

Winner 2021

Educational App Store

BBC Music Magazine

Best Apps for Kids

An award-winning app that boldly tackles the essentials of music – rhythm, notation, instruments – through play, reasoning and logic

The Guardian

Mussila is very intuitive and forgiving, so rather than getting frustrated by tiny mistakes, kids will be encouraged to try again with no penalties.

Jennifer Wells ©2019 Parents’ Choice

I loved the incremental and sequential nature of this product. As a teacher, I recognize just how thoughtfully and intentionally each lesson was designed.

Review Highlight by Academics' Choice Award

“If you would like to help your child to build or expand their musical education you cannot go wrong with Mussila. It is fun, comprehensive, and educationally well designed”

Educational App Store 2020