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The Mussila Way

Why Mussila is ideal for schools!

Giving teachers digital tools that spark their students’ curiosity so they are motivated to learn is our mission at Mussila.

Created with an evidence-based practice approach, our creative digital solutions follow our award-winning Learn, Play & Create methodology.

Why Mussila is great for families!

Your child’s learning journey starts here


Mussila Music
Lifetime - $29.99
Learn to play the piano
Master the fundamentals of music
Create your compositions
Play along with familiar songs
Lifetime - $29.99
Learn new vocabulary
Work on listening skills
Practice reading
Improve reading comprehension
Full Pack
WordPlay + Mussila Music
Premium subscription
All features included
7-days free trial


Awards and Nominations

Mussila is an EdTech company that offers creative digital learning solutions for children through a unique Learn, Play & Create methodology.  It was founded in Iceland in 2015. The company was founded by Hilmar Þór Birgisson and Margrét J. Sigurðardóttir, experts in computer engineering and music.

Our goal is to create digital solutions to improve the learning process and the overall quality of education available to young people worldwide to equip them better for the future. Mussila apps are used by children worldwide at home and at schools.