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An Award winning solution

List of awards and recognition

Mussila for moms, parents, and teachers!

Mussila is the winner of the Moms´Choice Awards, The Parents Choice Awards, and the Academics Choice Awards.

The Company was the global finalist at the Creative Business Cup in 2018, The Nordic EdTech Awards in 2019, and was chosen as one of the top ten EdTech Startups in Europe by the Educational Technology Insight magazine in 2020. Last year the Mussila Music School solution got certification for global quality from the Educational Alliance of Finland.

Mussila has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Mussila Music monser

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Mussila Music
Lifetime - $19.99
Learn to play the piano
Master the fundamentals of music
Create your compositions
Play along with familiar songs
Lifetime - $19.99
Learn new vocabulary
Work on listening skills
Practice reading
Improve reading comprehension
Full Pack
WordPlay + Mussila Music
Premium subscription
All features included
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