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Mussila Features as the App of the Day

Mussila has been featured as the App of the day in 35 App Stores.

App store wrote a review and published it with a global featuring of Mussila on App Store the 18th of November 2018.

“The star of this app is a nice monster who just wants to teach your kids all about music. Mussila Music School is aimed at children aged 6-11 – although it’s bound to entertain the young at hearts for hours, too.

Mussila lives on a mountain and plays in a band with its many musical friends. As you play the game you’ll meet band members, discover how different instruments sound, play along with musical examples and even discover musical notation.

If, like us, learning music at school was something you dreaded or endured, rest assured Mussila Music School is nothing like that. It feels like a game, with stars to collect and outfits to dress your bandmates in.

It is educational, though. One of the app’s co-founders attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, and the app follows a planned curriculum. So your children are learning some very important musical lessons. They just don’t realize it.

Mussila is fast, friendly and fun with cute creatures, gender-neutral characters, simple musical tasks, and a charming and very Icelandic atmosphere. It reminds us of the Swedish developer Toca Boca’s work: maybe there’s something about being so close to the oldest bits of the Earth that makes developers create apps with such warmth.

App Store editorial team

Mussila Music monser

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