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Experts Recommend Mussila to Help Your Kids Learn Music

Whether you’re at home with your kids for summer break, an extended holiday, or practicing extended physical and social distancing in today’s global climate, it may seem like a Herculean feat to keep your kid(s) entertained and educated. In situations like these, we’ve long championed the importance of children learning music. Essentially, it’s as useful for brain development as learning a second language. Also, learning music strengthens memory and motor skills, too, and it’s fun!

We’re also not alone in our passion for Mussila or for sharing a lifelong love of music with children. Several websites and journalists from around the world have taken note too! Mussila is now recognized further as an essential music learning app for kids. Furthermore, some journalists consider it to be one of the best educational apps around.

Here’s What They’re Saying

In Lucy Gill’s recently published LinkedIn article, App Suggestions for Preschoolers in Lockdown, the veteran children’s product reviewer places Mussila in her top apps for encouraging productivity:

“If you want to encourage musical skills, then Mussila is a fabulous choice. A subscription service that helps kids learn to recognize instruments, copy rhythms, play the piano, compose, etc. Crafted by music experts and educators to provides a strong foundation in music encouraging children to learn, play and create.”

To help parents plan out an entire day with their children, consider LittleGuide Detroit. Carrie Budzinski, mom and Vice President wrote a Music Edition Guide for Those at Home with Kids. Here you can find a full day of music-centric children’s activities. Try making homemade musical instruments, downloading a children’s music learning app like Mussila, and making a music-themed dessert!

Satb.sk is a Slovakian portal for the advancement of music. It just published an excellent piece about resources for parents whose kids are already taking music courses. Read what they had to say in their article Learning Music Theory Through Play:

“Our editorial favorite for younger children is the Mussila app[.] Mussila has won several awards, including the German Educational Media Award and the Educational App Store Best Application for Parents and Teachers. This music app teaches kids music using playful and fun exercises that motivate kids to learn more. Kids can learn to recognize the sound of different musical instruments, learn to read sheet music, practice rhythm determination, or just practice piano.”

The team at Mussila is thankful for the journalists and parents for recognizing the value of what we’ve created!


So, What’s Next?

Even though schools may remain closed for some time, we must ensure that our children keep learning and exploring! We promise that Mussila delivers just that. 

  • Start with familiar basics on the piano like Twinkle Twinkle, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Happy Birthday
  • Learn from over a dozen music courses
  • Try your mind at 1,000+ musical challenges
  • Discover new courses every month
  • Play games like “Memory” to learn about music
  • Rehearse, Conduct, Explore Mussila DJ, and more!

You can bring Mussila into your home and make it part of your child’s life. It’s perfect for children who have no musical experience or have already begun their musical education. You can download Mussila from the App Store or Google Play for your phone or tablet.

And remember, music has no borders! We can and will get through this!

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