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App of the day!

One of the leading top software; App of the Day,  chose Mussila as the App of the day!

Intverview with our COO; Hilmar Þór Birgisson.

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

Most of it came from app development projects that I worked on with friends after I finished my engineering degree. My friends were in a similar position through our fields differed; we felt unexperienced but also thought that we had a lot of knowledge that could be used towards app development. We sat down together and visioned ideas. There I took the role of the lead programmer, and we worked together in our free time to create interactive stories, puzzles, and card games. We followed it through and released our first product after about one year of development. Today we’ve released multiple products for ourselves and have done other products as contract work.

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Here you can read a fantastic and sincere interview with our COO; Hilmar Þór Birgisson! 


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