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Welcome to Mussila Music for Schools

Welcome teachers! On this page, you find resources, guides, and FAQs for the Mussila Music for Schools experience. Scroll down to schedule a 15-minute video chat with us. We are here for you to answer your questions and help you with the setup.


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“Magically kids intuitively pick up on the basic principles assoicated with music and have a blast doing so!”

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What will my students learn with Mussila Music?

Do you want to know what your students will learn, without testing the Mussila Music app? Check out the Teacher’s Guide here.

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Mussila Music for Schools FAQ

How can I add more teachers to my account?

At the moment, you can create one admin (teacher) per paid account. Please get in touch with us at schools@mussila.com if you need to add more teachers.

My student can't log in from her/his personal device

Please make sure to check your teacher admin panel to see if your student is using the right account name and password.

You can also change your student’s password by clicking edit on the student’s account and press confirm. This action will create a new account name and password.

change student mussila

How can I add upgrade to add more students during my subscription period?

You can contact us at schools@mussila.com if you reached your maximum number of students. It is no problem to add more seats during your subscription period. We will charge your account according to the agreement.

What are the students going to learn in the app?

Deep dive into the different levels and find out what students learn here.

Do students receive a certificate if they finished the Learn section?

Yes, when your student finished all levels of the Learn section, you’ll receive a certificate. Please send over an email to schools@mussila.com with the student’s full name so we can create your certificate.

I can't see the progress of my students

You can see the progress in the admin panel on your computer and in the app when teacher mode is activated. The number of stars indicates the progress. If you have trouble seeing the stars, ask your student to update the app to the latest version. Additionally, ask your student to play a mini-game to receive new stars.

If you still have trouble synching the progress, contact us at schools@mussila.com.

I would like to report a bug/ problem or give feedback on the app

Thank you for providing feedback. You can use support@mussila or schools@mussila to reach us.

How can I change the language?

Mussila Music has been translated into 32 languages.

To change the language, click on your account icon on the bottom left. Then click on account and Language to choose your language.