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Why Digital Education is Important

Dear parents and teachers.

Let’s do something productive together!

Countries around the globe have started closing schools as a result of the coronavirus outbreaks. That means that nearly 300 million children are missing classes worldwide. During times of emergency, high-quality digital solutions in the educational sector are more important than ever. While children are stuck at home, it is essential to do something productive together. Jeanne Allen writes about education for Forbes Magazine. She recently wrote that COVID-19 has brought home the reality that education technology that delivers great content and engages students and teachers has never been more important.

Mussila is a music learning app and one of the educational solutions that teachers around the world highly recommend. Recently the educational alliance of Finland certified Mussila as a high-quality educational tool. The Mussila team will work from home for the next weeks. We will continue to support you and your children during this time of uncertainty. Our goal is to deliver high-quality digital music education. Parents can be involved in their child’s educational journey because we will send parental reports about the child’s musical process.

However, the most important thing is to take care of each other and follow the directions given by healthcare officials.

Best regards,

Jon Gunnar Thordarson, CEO of Mussila

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