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How To Inspire Kids To Learn Music And Keep Up With Their Lessons

How To Inspire Kids To Learn Music And Keep Up With Their Lessons

School’s Closed!

While school closings around the world seem premature for children and parents everywhere, maybe for parents more than their kids, the reality is that learning must go on so that no child lags behind his or her classmates when school resumes. Even if spring break is seemingly here to stay, our children’s education doesn’t stop when they leave the classroom or when they’re stuck at home.

Mussila is the perfect companion and go-to entertainment option for kids aged six and above. While we know there are lots of kids who will miss school, learning, and their friends, there are equally as many children who will see this “break” as their opportunity to spend a couple of extra hours playing Playstation or watching the TV. 

Mussila Appeals To Just About Any Child (ok, every child):

  • It’s a fantastic practice tool that wonderfully supplements children who already take music lessons
  • It delivers award-winning content for its excellent learn-through-play subject matter — learning music theory is as beneficial for development as learning another language
  • Parents can rest assured that their child uses screen time productively
  • Mussila is well-paced for young music students — especially for beginners

Since you, the parent, are working from home, we know you want your child to be captivated in the most productive, meaningful way he or she possibly can — especially because you need to use your time effectively too. So, before you began a deep dive into the world of children’s music-learning apps, the best apps to learn to play piano, the best music education apps for kids, or even the best educational apps for kids, look no further than Mussila. Here’s why:

  • Children learn to recognize the sounds of both classical and contemporary instruments
  • They learn to read sheet music with lots of practice and encouragement (the same as they would receive for any lesson in school)
  • Playing the piano is where it all starts — you don’t need to buy one! Kids can plug existing keyboards into the device or use the one in the app

So, What About The Basics? 

The best foundation for music theory and education is the piano — it helps ears develop tone and pitch. Also, the piano has plenty of keys to keep little fingers busy. Your child will:

  • Get to know songs through skill-building challenges like rhythm matching and note recognition
  • Receive scores and rewards after each challenge (children love the feedback and motivation)
  • Learn exactly where the Middle C is, and how to recognize whole notes and beyond. Perfect pitch?

As your child becomes familiar with basic music fundamentals, they will soon recognize through play that they already know some of the music! When children understand that what they’re playing is part of a much bigger picture, the real fun begins. Watch your child work through:

  1. Happy Birthday, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…
  2. …And then classics from Swan Lake and The Magic Flute
  3. Followed by masters like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart

As a parent, know that your child’s (musical) education is in good hands with Mussila. We promise they’ll learn and maybe not even realize they are doing so!

Mussila Has Enough Educational Content To Go The Distance

  • Over a dozen music courses
  • +1,000 musical challenges
  • We add new courses every month
  • Tons of educational cards and games to help children learn about music
  • And parent progress reports allow you to see how much your little one is learning

One Other Thing You Should Know

Here’s the feedback that we keep hearing from parents: children want to keep playing even after their screen time is up, which is the highest praise we can receive.

No one knows when things will get back to “normal.” Still, with the first days of “social distancing” upon us (and who knows how many more), we know that Mussila’s child-friendly design, accolades from parents and critics, and our certification by the Education Alliance Finland is a good place for children to keep learning from beyond the classroom. And hey, we supply the instruments in the app! You don’t need to go shopping.


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