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The Finnish Educational Quality Certificate

The Finnish Educational Quality Certificate has certified Mussila as a quality learning solution that aligns with learning science principles.

We at Mussila are very grateful for this evaluation, Finland’s education system is consistently ranked best in the world and this means a lot for us because our main goal is to create the best possible music learning tool for children!

They wrote:
  • The user’s progress and engagement in various types of activities is very well notified.
  • Mussila gives clear feedback on correct and incorrect actions and rewards the user for completing levels well.
  • In order to progress the user is required to acquire and use new information – going forward in solution is very accumulating and learning happens by mastering the skills needed for progress.
  • The learning goals in Mussila are clear and well structured.
  • The prior skills or knowledge needs to be used in conjunction with new and the content progresses well.
  • All tasks show well when the answers are right or wrong, and it’s easy to correct yourself when you make a mistake.
  • The solution aims to keep up the user’s interest during the progress and also supports learning new things through creative work.
  • All game areas have a clear start and finish, and the learning path is easy to see.
  • Each user can make their decisions independently. Mussila also promotes free exploration of tools and content – the user can select, what areas to practice or play with the instruments freely.
  • Free play and music creation supports infinite learning outcomes.
  • The solution allows the learner to make all the decisions individually. They can act and progress autonomously. There’s plenty of options and ways to do things, which can be browsed based on your interests.

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