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The Importance of Music in Education

“Your child should study music because music brings joy to the world. It will bring joy to your family, and it will bring them joy throughout their whole life.”

Krystyna Budzynska, Director of the Primary Academy at the Royal Academy of Music

Music plays an intangible and essential role in the lives of millions, if not billions, of people worldwide. It acts as a catalyst to create and inspire, as well as serving as a medium for transmitting tradition, literature, and culture. Also, music figures predominantly as defining points across the backdrop of so many significant periods of our lives. Just as certain scents will conjure up Proustian degrees of historical recall, a specific song at a particular time is equally capable of such emotional reminiscences. Music has power — and lots of it.

Understanding the power of music and music education is a special gift in today’s world. Through creativity and the arts, we can collectively nurture and enrich our society, especially when children show us how! Children can use their musical comprehension throughout their lives to help enliven their surroundings and themselves along the way.

How Can Music Education Help Your Child?

So, what can music do for people in the world where music plays a tangible role in their lives? Lots of things. That’s what. With early music education, children benefit in ways that will help them succeed in school and beyond. These benefits accrue best through listening and playing. Yes, intangible benefits are doubtlessly present, but here’s how your child can grow when actively engaged with music:

  • Improved listening skills
  • Greater math comprehension
  • Improved memory skills
  • Better coordination
  • Elevated self-esteem
  • Improved social skills
  • A broader sense of history and culture

The list goes on and on and on. Music education helps children make sense of the world around them and their place in it. And with an instrument in hand, children get full-brain workouts, which are essential for their developing minds.


Digital Learning With Acoustic Instruments And Mussila

While digital media has mostly superseded analog formats for educators and students, the educational landscape continues to change and evolve. Especially now more than ever. To accompany these pedagogical shifts, Mussila brilliantly uses tablets and smartphones to introduce the fundamentals of music theory. Whether your child is new to music or already has a musical background, Mussila’s gamified curriculum creates an excellent, award-winning music learning experience.

When we spoke with Krystyna Budzynska from the Royal Acadamy of Music about digital learning, she said, “It is such a useful resource when it is used creatively. It can give children those first steps and get them embroiled in the language so that it is easy to translate to a real instrument like a piano or a violin.”

Some teachers, use Mussila to facilitate pre-practice exercises. Other teachers use the app in concert with challenges from the app’s Learn, Play, Create, and Practice Paths. There’s one more thing you should know about conventional practice in the digital world with Mussila. You can plug and play instruments with Mussila, and now with Tone Recognition, you don’t even need a cable! Turn on Tone Recognition and let the app do the work. The app will recognize the notes your child plays on an acoustic instrument while it guides your little one along the way. Have fun!

Our Music Experts Made Mussila With Care

We created Mussila with our hearts and our heads. Our team comprises some of the most exceptional talents in music education and product development. When your child uses our app to explore their way through piano keys and up and down scales, you’ll see our collective passion for igniting a lifelong love of music, culture, and learning.

We keep our app current, our curriculum engaging, and our love for music and education as passionate as ever. And our efforts have paid off. Children from all over the world use Mussila every day to discover the music around them. If you or your child hasn’t already, you can download Mussila from the App Store or Google Play. Your child’s musical adventures can start today.

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